MBE, WBE, and/or DBE Certifications


Remote Control Systems, Inc.


The following list the various certifications we have earned to date.  We are updating these as well as pursuing other certifications where our expertise can be used in  those areas.  We have received other certifications, but have allowed them to elapse as no work in the next year is expected in these areas.



CTA, Chicago Transit Authority

Notice of certification received, no number assigned.


WMATA, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Washington, DC                         

Certificate Number:  860


PAUCP,  Pa Unified Certification Program

Valid for:  Allegheny County, Port Authority of Allegheny County,  PennDot, City of Philadelphia and SEPTA

Certificate Number:  12432


IDHR, Illinois Department of Human Rights

Notice of Eligibility for Public Contracts

IDHR#:  131029-00